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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

VA Cash Out Refinancing, 100% and Super Low Interest Rate

Did you know that VA will now allow an LTV of up to 100% on a VA cash-out refi based on the current appraised value? This is a 10% increase from the previous threshold of 90%.

Did you know that a VA cash-out refi is considered to be any current non-VA loan, (with the exception of a Texas A6 Cash-out loan), that is refinanced into a VA loan?

Please keep in mind that even though VA refers to this as a cash-out refi, it is in reality a rate/term refi and no cash back will be allowed at closing.

How To Be Successful In Your Mortgage Career by Being Not Just Successful, but Also Valuable

Today's home buyer asks, "WHAT AM I GETTING FOR MY MONEY?"
It's my goal with every Home Loan applicant to see that I have a value from many fronts.
Clients can expect to walk away from a transaction with me and say the following about my company and my services:

I am more informed…I have greater choices…
I am more enlightened…
I am more sophisticated…
I want to know what I am paying for and what I am getting…
I can by-pass the traditional only-game-in-town lenders…
I am less swayed by marketing gimmickry…
I am more selective…
I have competitive options.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Zero Down Payment 100% Financing: Frisco, Plano, and Surrounding Dallas Cities in Texas

Did you think 100% financing was gone for good?

One of the major local banks in the cities of Dallas, Frisco, Plano, McKinney, and other surrounding cities has done some risk analysis and decided on a safe target market for 100% financing options.
In addition, they have chosen Service First Mortgage as one of the only lenders in North Texas to offer the loans.

Why is it you haven't heard anyother lenders or banks offering this?

Remember, Service First Mortgage was number 11 in top 25 lenders for loans originated in Dallas Fort Worth last year, and with the collapse of a couple of them, we are more near #9 on that list.
Loan volume coupled with the high integrity and high level of experience SFMC has a track record for, we are privileged to be in such a situation to be hand picked for this opportunity.

Is there a "mission impossible" type qualification necessary?

Credit Scores as low as 620 may be accepted within this new program. Debt ratios between 41% and 45% are accepted. You DO NOT have to be a first time home buyer. The income can be 140% of AMI (Average Median Income), but they do not have to use the "household income". This means that if the wife and husband make more than the 100% median income, but just one of the borrowers can approve for the home on just their income, we only have to use that income to determine if they are under the median income.

What kind of loan is it?
30 year fixed fully amortized loans

Conventional Programs

MyCommunityMortgage 97

MyCommunityMortgage 2-unit

HomePossible 97

Flex 97 ₁

Flex w/subordinate financing ₁

That means that the interest rate will be that of what the market is today for other minimum down payment loans.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Find the Lowest Interest and the Best Business Alliance

The home buyers in Frisco, McKinney, Plano, and the cities surrounding Dallas Texas are benefiting from interest rates that are still at historical lows and patience to find the right home with the right price. Buying Real Estate right now is a great opportunity. Foreclosures are still available in large volume and if you plan it right, you can be patient and leave your "feelers" out for the next great home to come on the market for a great value. Maybe you sell your home and move into a nice apartment or rental so that you are not under the gun to hurry and find another home by the time your buyers need to move into yours. With a little patience, you may jump into a home with 15% savings from the day you close. When the market moves up in the next 3-8 years, you stand to all of the sudden be sitting neck high in equity.
To have the best luck in your home buying process, align yourself with a mortgage guy who is not desperate for business, so that you are not strategically rushed into a deal that is not the best one for you. Additionally, contact a couple Realtors and let them know you are NOT interested in rushing into a home and that you'd like to be put on a automatic email list for homes that come on the market as foreclosures, and have them make the search, subdivision, choose a square mile radius, bedrooms, square footage, age, and one level or two level home. Yes, Realtor systems can do all that for you and many successful Realtors are willing to be patient with you.
The biggest mistake many folks have in crafting such a plan is by using a family member or friend for their mortgage or Real Estate alliances, just because they think they should or will get a good deal by using them. WRONG!!! A good deal is accomplished in the negotiation experience, and the research and structuring ability of your Real Estate agent or Loan Officer, and the small dollar amount you MIGHT save on a Realtor or Loan Officer friend or family member can offer you for their services is nothing compared to the dollar value experts bring to the table as a whole.
Interview your Loan Guy and Realtor, don't ask them where they are going to cut their costs. You'll find out right away what caliber your prospective alliance measure.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Frisco Texas Home Buyers See Interest Rates Increase In Their Real Estate Purchase In and Around Dallas

Why do mortgage rates seem kind of high?
One answer is that in order to fund the rescue and the new government guarantees, our Treasury must sell more new Treasury securities to raise money. And the Treasury has to offer higher interest rates to sell them. On top of that, mortgage related bonds always trade at a slightly higher yield due to the prepayment and delinquency risk. Lastly, the cost of financing mortgages has increased for Freddie and Fannie due to the plan for the FDIC to back the newly issued, unsecured debt of some banks. Obviously by guaranteeing bank debt, the government is making that debt more attractive for investors, and consequently creating more competition for Fannie and Freddie when they look to sell their own securities. To compete for buyers, the mortgage giants will have to raise their own yields - and to pay for that they'll have to charge borrowers higher interest.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Down Payment Assitance and Credit Certificates

Is down payment assistance gone? No, there are plenty of areas around Dallas, Frisco, Plano, McKinney, and Irving that have available "moneys" that are qualified to use as down payment assistance with FHA loans. On Jan 1st of 2009, FHA is increasing their requirement for down payment. Don't wait if you are ready, or you'll need more down payment to might want to save that money for fix ups when you move in. The mortgage credit certificate is available too. It is more than likely that anyone buying a home for more than $100,000 using a mortgage credit certificate will receive $2,000 cash over an above what you normally get back at tax time, for the first 8 or more years you own your home, and continue to get money for every year you own that home. THAT'S AN AWESOME DEAL. Call me lets get you set up on that.

Hope Is Alive In Dallas Texas, Frisco, and the Surrounding Cities Real Estate Market

Over the weekend Kenneth Harney gave a very detailed outline of what foundation has been set to secure the Real Estate Market, and it should make for high hopes to Dallas and the surrounding cities, especially in the once top ranked booming Real Estate market in Frisco Texas. The question is asked over and over today, "Can you still get a home loan with less than 20 percent or 30 percent down? Or with a credit score below 720"? Harney answered the question like this:
"Absolutely. It would be a big stretch to label housing the sunny side of the market at the moment, but there's a lot more light there than in most other financial sectors."
The Real Estate market for home buyers is not dead or stagnant. There is plenty of money made available with many small down payment options, and there are even still some 100% financing options in specific areas...and the income eligibility is not as picky as many would think.
Harney noted that 90% of loans in America today are made through FHA. The interest rates are still low, and the underwriting isn't necessarily all that tough• Despite the global financial system's quakes, mortgage rates remain low by historical standards. Home prices, pushed by foreclosures and short sales, have rolled back to 2003 and 2004 levels or lower in many of the former boom markets. As a result, growing numbers of buyers are coming off the sidelines, making offers and writing contracts.
David G. Kittle, president and chief executive of Principle Wholesale Lending and incoming chairman of the Mortgage Bankers Association, said "the mortgage market has never shut down" despite the global financial crisis.Matt Vernon, a national retail mortgage sales executive for Bank of America, said, "we've got more than enough liquidity" to handle mortgage demand. "We are open for business." Most of the bank's production is now funded through the FHA, Fannie and Freddie.
If you are looking to buy, don't put it off for the simple fact that you assume you can't get a loan. Decent credit scores, typically 600 or better, means that you have plenty of loan opportunity. Don't give up on your dream of home ownership just yet.
Make an appointment with your mortgage guy to meet at Starbucks and talk about your options. See you there.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Buying a Home? Did You Know Interest Rates Spiked at Historial Measures

It's old news that are market is unpredictable at best. That being said, the few home buyers that are active have enjoyed the recent low interest rates and watched them inch lower for the past 3-4 months. This past week, we saw the mortgage rates spike on the grandest of scales. Rates move and expect to continue moving up, per the experts, nearly a whole 1% in recent weeks. It's important you know this if you have been expecting a certain monthly payment but have not yet locked in your rate. The monthly payment for example on a $200k home would be $70 a month more this week and 2 weeks ago with the spike in rates. Stay in touch with your loan guy or call me if you have questions.
As far as the affect that this could have on Real Estate here in Texas, for Frisco, Dallas and surrounding cities, maybe it forces the sellers to lower their listing prices, or maybe it inserts more fear in the already tentative buyers, and they stop shopping in hopes to see a better opportunity in mortgage rates in the coming months. Cross your fingers...I am!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Texas, and Frisco Home Buyers, Motivational Strategies and Thoughts for a Better Life

For the past 6 years working as a self motivated Mortgage Consultant in Frisco Texas, and targeting a goal where 90% or more of my business comes by referral, I have had to search and find what "gets me going in the morning" to meet that goal. In doing this, I started a Word Document titled, "Motivational Strategies and Thoughts for a Better Life".

In this document I collect motivational phrases, words and phrases that help express myself in a unique way, and strategies that a leader can use to self motivate and maximize potential. Transferring information to longer term and permanent memory works best for me by writing them down. So, I've written today in my word document and writing it here to share and double up on my writing it down for permanent memory. Here was today's record. I hope that it can help any one person reading it today as well.

"Try not to become a man of success, rather, a man of value." Albert Einstein

• Try to understand before you are understood

• Be impressed before you become impressive

• Be interested before you become interesting

• Listen before you are listened to

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

McKinney, Allen, Frisco, Prosper, Plano, and Dallas Insurance Needs...MET for Texas Home Buyers

Today it is more important that ever that you not only find the right price, but also find the right Agent that cares about you and your family like a father would his own. Rodney Mouton, my uncle, has a family and knows what it is like to insure the people he needs in life...his family. Give Rodney a call and you will see that after finding you the right company with the lowest rate, he will ask you the thought provoking questions that will help you decide if your chosen policy covers all the important people and possessions you want covered.
Rodney Mouton Insurance Agency

6136 Frisco Square Blvd. Suite 400

Frisco, TX 75034

Phone: 972-542-1388 Fax: 214-705-8376 Email: Cell: 974-439-7888

After 10 years of being a captive agent of AllState™, I realized my clients would be better served through an independent network rather than a captive network. Captive agents represent only one company and therefore can only offer one solution. As an independent agent I can offer clients the options they expect. It took almost 10 years for me to realize how serious this reality is for an agent who is really interested in his client getting the best the market has to offer. I would not pay more for less and do not expect my clients to. So now I offer the right products from the companies who can best deliver the value my clients require.

Most carriers today use insurance scoring as their major component to determine your cost of insurance. The insurance score will usually be the biggest factor in determining your client’s rate and because of that it is really impossible for us to promise your client any rate until we have ordered your clients insurance score. It is also important to know that each company has its own proprietary scoring system which offers them the best system to get the best price to their target market. Their scoring system can change in relation to their market appetite. An Insurance score and a credit report will sometimes have little in common. In that the good credit report does not always mean the best insurance score. It is part of our job to find which insurance scoring system matches your client’s credit profile.

Our major carriers are Safeco, Hartford and Traveler’s. Below I have a table that shows rates based on a new home with a favorable insurance score, auto-discount, claims-free and alarm discount. I caution you to not promise a client a premium from the chart based on their credit report. Their insurance score and other factors will make a difference that you do not want to find yourself spending your valuable time trying to explain. We will do that for you. We just want to provide you with some idea of what we can offer.

Why would you want refer the Mouton Agency to your clients? We understand that happy knowledgeable clients refer more business. We like referrals. We work for our clients not an insurance company. I promise you will never regret sending a client our way and your closing will never be delayed due to a lack of effort on our part. Integrity is the foundation of our business and it is in the word of God that we discovered integrity. My office is open Monday-Friday from 8:00 to 5:00. Please feel free to call my cell phone outside of office hours for assistance.

I would like to form relationships with others who have a similar approach and understand how this will provide us with a never ending supply of clients for life. I hope you will be inclined to call.

Dallas Home for Sale: 10141 Fieldfare CT, Dallas, TX 75229


Listings as of 10/15/08 at 7:37am Page 3
MLS#: 11083713 Active 10141 Fieldfare CT Dallas 75229 LP: 410,000

See Additional Pictures
Type: Single Family Cnty: Dallas Low:
Subdv: Midway Hills Map: 0024 /P /DA Orig LP: 410,000
Area: 16/8 Lot: Block: Will Subdivide:
Parcel ID: 00000538787220000 MUD Dst: No Mlt: No


Beds: 4 SqFt: 2682 TAX Lst$/SqFt: 153
Full Baths: 3 Levels 1st: 2nd: 3rd: Bsmt: HOA: Voluntary
Half Baths: 0 Levels 1st: 2nd: 3rd: Bsmt: Dues: 15.00


Living 1: 27 x 19 L:1 F. Dining: 11 x 11 L:1 Mstr BR: 18 x 13 L:1 #Fireplaces: 1
Living 2: 23 x 21 L:1 Breakfast: 9 x 8 L:1 Bedroom2: 11 x 11 L:1 #Living Area: 2
Living 3: 0 x 0 Kitchen: 9 x 9 L:1 Bedroom3: 11 x 13 L:1 #Dining Area: 2
Study: 0 x 0 Other Rm: 0 x 0 Bedroom4: 12 x 12 L:1 Hndicap Amen: No
Utility: 8 x 5 L:1 Other Rm: 0 x 0 Bedroom5: 0 x 0 Yr Blt: 1971 / Pre

School District Dallas Covered Parking: 2 # Stories: 1
School Type 1: E Name: Walnuthill Bus: Garage Space: 2 Security System: No
School Type 2: M Name: Cary Bus: Garage Size: 20 X 20 Pool: No
School Type 3: H Name: Jefferson Bus: Carport Spaces: Acres: 0.370
School Type 4: Name: Bus: Lot Dimensions: 112X159

ASI Not Assumable BBF Split Bedrooms CON Brick ENG 12 inch+ Attic Insul EXF Gutters
EXF Patio Open EXF Sprinkler System EXF Storage Building FLR Carpet FLR Ceramic Tile
FND Slab FRP Wood Burning HOU Single Detached HAC Central Air-Elec HAC Central Heat-Elec
INF Cable TV Available INF Paneling INF Wet Bar INF Window Coverings KOT Tile Countertop
KEQ Convection Oven KEQ Cooktop-Electric KEQ Dishwasher KEQ Disposal KEQ Double Oven
KEQ Oven-Electric KEQ Water Line to Refrg. LTD Cul De Sac LTD Heavily Treed LTD Interior Lot
LTD Landscaped LTD Large Backyard Grass LTS Less Than .5 Acre PAR Detached PAR Garage Door Opener
PFN Cash PFN Conventional ROF Composition SPR Game Room STU City Sewer
STU City Water STU Concrete STU Curbs STU Sidewalk STY Ranch
FEN Wood UTR Dryer Hookup-Elec. UTR Washer Hookup

Directions: From 635, south on Midway to Killion. Right on Killion, left on Fieldfare Dr. right on Fieldfare Court.

Marketing Remarks: Wonderful 4 bedroom, ranch on huge cul de sac lot in Midway Hills. Great quiet neighborhood. New roof and carpet in 8 08 New neutral paint throughout the home 7 08 Close to 5 of the top Private schools in Dallas. Priced to sell quickly. Bring your buyers, don't miss this one!

LO: Keller Williams Realty Preston LA: Richard K Carlucci

House for Sale in Wylie: 1311 Auburn Dr. Wylie TX 75098


Listings as of 10/15/08 at 7:37am Page 2
MLS#: 11043557 Active 1311 Auburn DR Wylie 75098 LP: 154,990 See Map

Type: Single Family Cnty: Collin Low:
Subdv: Birmingham Farms 03b Map: 0662 /R /DA Orig LP: 154,990
Area: 50/1 Lot: Block: Will Subdivide:
Parcel ID: R836700p00301 MUD Dst: No Mlt: No


Beds: 3 SqFt: 1844 TAX Lst$/SqFt: 84
Full Baths: 2 Levels 1st: 2 2nd: 3rd: Bsmt: HOA: Mandatory
Half Baths: 0 Levels 1st: 2nd: 3rd: Bsmt: Dues: 420.00


Living 1: 17 x 14 L:1 F. Dining: 12 x 10 L:1 Mstr BR: 14 x 13 L:1 #Fireplaces: 1
Living 2: 0 x 0 Breakfast: 10 x 10 L:1 Bedroom2: 12 x 11 L:1 #Living Area: 1
Living 3: 0 x 0 Kitchen: 12 x 12 L:1 Bedroom3: 12 x 10 L:1 #Dining Area: 2
Study: 13 x 11 L:1 Other Rm: 0 x 0 Bedroom4: 0 x 0 Hndicap Amen: No
Utility: 8 x 6 L:1 Other Rm: 0 x 0 Bedroom5: 0 x 0 Yr Blt: 2004 / Pre

School District Wylie Covered Parking: 2 # Stories: 1
School Type 1: E Name: Dodd Bus: Garage Space: 2 Security System: Yes
School Type 2: J Name: MCMILLAN Bus: Garage Size: 20 X 20 Pool: No
School Type 3: H Name: Wylie Bus: Carport Spaces: Acres: 0.210
School Type 4: Name: Bus: Lot Dimensions:

ASI Not Assumable BBF Garden Tub BBF Separate Shower BBF Walk-in Closets CON Brick
FLR Carpet FND Slab HOA Management Fees HOU Single Detached HAC Central Air-Elec
HAC Central Heat-Gas INF Cable TV Available KOT Breakfast Bar KEQ Built-In Microwave KEQ Dishwasher
KEQ Disposal KEQ Freestanding Rng-Elc KEQ Water Line to Refrg. LTD Interior Lot LTD Landscaped
LTD Large Backyard Grass LTS Less Than .5 Acre PAR Attached ROF Composition SPR Library/Study
STU City Sewer STU City Water STU Concrete STU Sidewalk FEN Wood
UTR Dryer Hookup-Elec. UTR Separate Utility Rm UTR Washer Hookup

Directions: From 544 go N. on 1378 (Country Club) to Park. Right on Park to Mobile, left to Cahaba, left on Cahaba to Auburn

Marketing Remarks: Terrific, barely lived in home for that first time homebuyer or downsizing couple. Open floor plan, clean with lots of room in the backyard. Interior paint July 08. Take your pickiest buyers to this one, it is immaculate!

LO: Keller Williams Realty Preston LA: Richard K Carlucci

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Romo May Need to Buy a New Home Outside of Dallas Soon

NOT REALLY! I like Romo. It is unfortunate that he has done so well so soon. He has really been a little raw the whole time but he's been able to glisten with a couple signature throws that make him look really well, like the seam route to Jason Whiten. That throw is decieving easy to throw because it's always when Jason is matched up on a slower linebacker who has had to turn their back and run to keep up with Jason and he can't see the ball coming to knock it down even when he has good coverage on Jason. Romo has a LOT of rough edges and I think that they are starting to come out right now. Don't get me wrong, Romo is a Pro and good at what he does...he just has a lot to clean up in his game.
Romo has never thrown the ball away when under pressure and is very Favre like in throwing an interception because he can't settle for throwing it away or taking a sack. If he can keep his head on straight for another year or two and make progress in controling his competitive spirit to make better decisions under pressure, he could be a stud. Otherwise, as he continues to struggle under pressure, his confidence will chip away and he'll become a Curt Warner type. Warner won the Super Bowl and returned with some poor games that changed the face of his expected SUPER career. Warner had to go find a mortgage in a new city for that.
This IS the point that makes or breaks Romo's future, and all elite QB's have this point.
I think there is a VERY good chance that Brad Johnson gets in there and provides that older veteran leadership in the huddle that some of those big lineman need, and we do well under Johnson. We'll either spread out our offense and hit quick hitting plays to recievers to hold blitzers accountable, or we'll spread out and release our backs for swing passes that also force teams to limit blitzing or zone blitz where now they have a defensive end trying to cover or keep an edge on the back out of the back field...that is a match up to take advantage of. The other option to help Brad Johnson is to have Jason Whiten and a back in the back field to pick up blitzes and which ever one doesn't have a blitz responsibility will release from the back field for a 3-5 yard dump in the middle...that forces safeties and linebackers not blitzing to stay in the middle of the field to keep that dump in front of them and opens up quick slants where linebackers can't drift into hook zones and also leaves the flag routes for Eldorado Owens to get away from double coverage with the safety overlap. While that safety watches that back out of the backfield to make sure he doesn't release deep on the linebacker (linebacker is never expected to "run with" a back on a vertical by himself) and feels some comfort because in his perifial vision where the wide out is coming at him and therefore that safety's feet go into cement and when it's just too late, that wide out turns it back to the sidelines and the safety is behind on the read and makes it over there too late on the overlap. That's my vision of the best game plan...we'll see if they do either. Note: The Cowboys have been very reluctant to use the back as a reciever from the back field much this year, and it hurts them.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Can You Approve at First Blush To Buy a Home In Frisco Texas

First a disclaimer. This is a simple and easy way to know. Yes, there are other options and this and that, but this is a quick "how to tell" if you are talking to a good buyer.

If you have 700 or better credit scores and have 5% down payment and money for closing costs, your a stud buyer. Yes, loans still allow for seller contribution for closing, but lets work that out when we have to.

If you have under 700 and even more specifically, under 680, you'll need FHA financing if you are looking for low down payment are going to need 10% down payment with those scores probably outside of FHA, and VA. Yes, there are a couple places you can find conventional financing with 5% down if you have under 680, but it's time for "THAT" buyer to save for 10% down payment and have a better loan availability to choose from.

If you have 610 or higher and only have 3.5% down payment, it's likely you can get FHA financing, but you need to submit all your income and assets to the lender up front and give up your whole story so they can run it through their system or get an underwriter to look at it first.
I don't know if any of you readers have seen the cartoon movie, Cars, but this is where it stops. "Welp, G'NITE" as all the Cars drive off and leave Towmator in the night alone...he's afraid of the ghost light. Yeah, that's it. It's easy and simple these days isn't it?

Monday, October 06, 2008

Presley's Promise: Calling On Frisco, Plano, and McKinney Mortgage and Real Estate Professionals

We need help to make it possible for needy families to continue to get World Class help for their Children at Scottish Rite Hospital. One of my dear friends in the Title Business in McKinney TX had a daughter born a couple years ago that has had operations and other services by Scottish Rite and he wants to help raise money for the next needy families. He has had some last minute players that can't make it, and sponsors that fell through. Any help you can provide would be great. Don't hesitate to call me or email me if contacting him directly from the flyer picture below doesn't work. My number is 469-450-2723 and my email is

My friend Brian Hazlewood and his wife Brandi need help for their daughter Presley who was born with Arthrogryposis (a muscle, joint and tendon disorder) that also caused her to have severe bilateral clubfoot, curvature of her left wrist and bilateral hip dysplasia. She has attended Texas Scottish Rite Hospital (TSRH) for Children since she was two weeks old. From the age of two weeks to twelve weeks she went to a clinic weekly for manipulation of her feet and to change her casts that went from toe to upper thigh and at one point she had a heel lengthening procedure done as well. At the age of twelve weeks, it was determined that the casting was not working as well as we would have hoped, and we switched to the Ponseti Method, which is manipulation through therapy, taping and splinting of the feet. They first attended appointments everyday and then they started to spread out to further appointments. During this process, in February of 2006 she had her first surgery at TSRH to try and fix her hips. For three months following the surgery she was in a half body cast from her chest to her toes, also known as a spica cast. After the cast was removed, she went back to therapy in the "baby room" for her feet. Then in October of 2007 she had her second surgery with TSRH which was her foot surgery. Following this surgery she wore full leg casts with pins in place through her heels for six weeks, then had a cast change to smaller casts in which she wore for four weeks, and then moved to orthotic splints that she continues to wear today to keep her feet in place. She started walking with the help of a reverse walker at the age of 18 months, and continued to use this until she took her first steps in January of 2008. She now walks on her own and is also in a gymnastics class for special needs kids.

Presley's Promise: Is a charity golf tournament that Brandi and Brian are putting together for their daughter to give back to Texas Scottish Rite Hospital in Dallas. She has been going regularly since birth and will continue going most all of her life as a child. Scottish Rite is a great organization and we feel we would not be where we are today without their help. It's truly a gift for us to be a part of such a great place. **************************************************************** Update***** We are looking for 72 golfers and as of today I have 56. We are also wanting to get 18 hole sponsorships and I'm sitting at 14 right now. All the other sponsorships are now full thanks to our boy Scotty Hoyes on the Beverage Cart! That a boy Hoyes! PRIZES***** 1. Best Dressed Golfer............I'm going with Tony A. on this one. 2. First Place 3. Last Place................Probably me. 4. Hole In One/Closes To Pin 5. Longest Drive 6. $5 Raffle tickets to be sold before and after golf for the drawing after lunch. We have some very nice donations to be given away. The more tickets you buy, the better chance you'll have to win AND it's more money for Texas Scottish Rite Hospital!

Checks payable & mailed to: Presley Hazelwood @ 802 Cedar Street. McKinney TX 75069. OR Call Brian

at 214-402-2281.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Frisco Home Buyers Dependant On Election: Vote? McCain or Obama

Politics has never kept much of my attention until this year, and mainly because of the terrible fix I see the Frisco Texas families in on a day to day basis as I work within the mortgage industry here. When I ask my dad, because that's just what I do in such situations, "dad, who are you voting for?", he replied "I'm just not going to vote". Of course, I needed to to know why, and when I asked he told me that he has seen all the U Tube videos, and the forwarded emails of Barrack not putting his hand over his chest in front of the flag, and heard the chopped up speeches that contradict the Christian religion, but on the other hand does not really agree with the resolutions of McCain. Inside as he was explaining this, I had a little being inside me screaming, "me too man, me too". "Since I can't decide to vote FOR Barrack, because I'm not 100% sure yet of his stance on my religious values, and I completely do not see the leadership and facts w/in McCain's plan, I just don't have the facts to commit to a vote myself. Although I will make a decision and vote.

Being in the mortgage business during such a time of economic turmoil, I have been pulled into the media and politics a lot more than the past, and I've enjoyed makes me feel more responsible as a citizen of the good ole U. S. of A. I have a hard core interest in what is going on now. Even after my attention has elevated and I'm hearing both sides and all, I am just as "in the dark" now as I was in my college days when I only knew what I saw on a billboard or as I tripped over the front page Headlines of the newspaper as I thumbed quickly to the sports page. Politics is a frustrating thing. Palin talked about the $5,000 credit McCain has planned for Americans if he becomes President, and Biden replied about the "bridge that goes nowhere". That hits home to me more than any other thing, as far as intentions that McCain has. Is that just an effort to "buy" votes? Giving America a $5,000 tax credit appears to me as just a "feel good", or a band aid, but it has no real long term resolution. I REALLY liked Joe Biden's point last night following that comment and many others about Barracks approach, I like Barrack's leadership, I like his facts also. On the other hand, what means more to me than anything else, I am not sure of where he stands with his maker, Jesus Christ.

Why doesn't Palin and McCain's "camp" bring up in their ads and commercials about Barrack not putting his hand over his heart during the National Anthem? Why don't they bring up the religious controversy we see in email and U Tube all the time?
I have to pray about this, and pray, and pray, and then I have to make a decision. Right now, I'm only voting Against Obama for spiritual reasons, and not necessarily FOR McCain, and I'd like my vote to be FOR someone rather than a settlement vote.

Am I the only person hoping that all the trash we see on Barrack is falsified information meant to mislead me, so that I can comfortably vote for the person who has the facts straight?
As a disclaimer, I'm NOT a political preacher of sort. I am an open mind trying to figure out what is best for me, my family, the families I represent in the Real Estate and lending world here in Frisco, and my country. This message is not meant to influence anyone's vote in anyway. Understanding how to best commit to my own vote is what I'm looking for.

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