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Friday, January 23, 2009

Brad's Client For Life Testimonials

Notice: For Privacy reason, last names are not used in these testimonials...

I have been in the mortgage business for 30 years and have worked with a lot of Loan Officers. Brad has been one of the best I have worked with. He is honest, caring, knowledgeable and goes above and beyond for his client. If someone asked me for a referral for a good loan officer, I would refer them to Brad. He is the best!

Thanks, Mary

Hi Brad,

Thanks for all your help in getting into a new home back in 2004, now that I've finally had a chance to educate myself on the finer points of mortgages and all of the various combinations, I'm so glad I worked with you to help me get through these otherwise confusing details. You helped me avoid a few pitfalls that would have cost me more in the long run, and I'm well on my way to owning my own place. Thanks for your honest, straight forward approach and best wishes for the future!


Brad Lynch at Service First Mortgage got me a great low rate on my investment property refinance. He is very professional and knowledgable of the mortgage industry. I felt comfortable working with him and giving him complete control of my refinance process. I will use Brad in the future for any of my home or business mortgage needs.

November 07, 2007 by Scott in Azle, TX

Brad Lynch at Service First Mortgage is a real pleasure to work with. He is confident in his ability to get you the very best mortgage loan for your situation at the very best interest rate possible. I highly recommend them.

October 25, 2007 by Infinite Prosperity Group, LLC

Ken - Brad is a very sharp mortgage professional. He knows what is going on in the industry and will help you make an informed decision about the right loan for you.

Dear Brad,

I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation:

"Brad is an excelent mortgage consultant. When working with Brad it is easy to tell that the clients interests are his main focus. I would use Brad myself and will be referring many clients to him in the future."

Bryan (Realtor)

Dear Brad,

I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation:

"I have had a great experience dealing with Brad. I have been doing business with him for approximately 4 years now and have never had a bad experience. He also helped me in refinancing my own home and it all went through without a hitch."
Blake Fribourg (owner of Brooke Insurance

Dear Brad,

I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation:

"Awesome Service. . . great rates!"
Thanks, Brian

Brad Lynch and I met a couple of years ago, I have known Brad's father for 13 years through work, Tony Lynch handles and supplies products to the company I work for. Through the years we have had a great relationship and Tony invited me to go on a fishing trip with he and his son, he thought it would be a great time and being that brad and I were the same age and had similar values, that we would all have a great time together. Not long after the great fishing trip, my wife and I decided to refinance our house, my wife had been talking to a patient of hers that owned a mortgage company in the area, I talked to him but was a little uneasy and remembered Brad was in the mortgage business, best thing I have ever remembered. Knowing how great Tony was if Brad was half that, he would be great. To shorten this up as soon as my wife met Brad she said we should use him for our loan, the process was by far the easiest loan I have ever done, the interest rate was around a point lower than the other company. Sense then we have refinanced our rent house and purchased another house with with my in laws and Brad did the loan on it of coarse. Brad and I have become great friends and I tell everyone about him and how he conducts business, when it comes to the mortgage business I believe Brad even surpasses his father with his work ethics and integrity, and those are very large shoes to fill.


My wife and I were looking for a home in Dallas and then had our plans interrupted only to pick them up 8 months later in Austin.

Not only did Brad pick up exactly where we left off, he remembered my last name without missing a beat. I had been told what a nightmare the entire home buying process was but he worked with us and my agent and the entire transaction was incredibly easy/painless. We got a great rate on the loan we wanted and are really happy in our home. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a mortgage. He's great.

As the housing crisis began to show signs of deepening, we realized there would never be a better opportunity for us to own a home. We found Brad through referral from a friend, and we are pleased to have found a man guided by solid principles with an outstanding grasp of the industry and a client centered approach. Brad remained rock-solid through our 3 month ordeal from offer to closing, keeping us informed at every turn. Without his constant attention, excellent communications and willingness to go above and beyond in pursuit of a goal, our dream would have surely gone unfulfilled. The world needs more people with the sound ethics and integrity we found so evident in Brad Lynch.

Yosef & Deborah Murphey
In the current economy, when loans are hard to find, Brad found financing for me and at a very reasonable price. He worked with me every step and found creative solutions to the hurdles I encountered along the way and never failed to communicate status updates immediately. I will come to Brad the next time I search for financing.

By Tina
In April of 2007, my hero, my father and mentor was diagnosed with terminal myeloma at the young age of 59. When the pillar of your family is struck down it is truly devastating in so many ways.
I immediately went to Nebraska to see him and assess what I could do to help.
My father owned a masonry contracting business [for over 30 years] and my brother had been groomed to take it over. However, he was not ready and when Dad went down, he couldn't take it emotionally. So the business was in disarray and backlogged.
My husband agreed that I should leave the kids enrolled and come and go as much as possible to help. I spent a few weeks in both states and traveling a great deal.
That time was extremely difficult as my husband was an alcoholic and it caused me a great deal of stress knowing that the children were not being cared for in a manner that I would have done. I was rolling the dice everyday that all would be OK so I could be there to help Mom and Dad.
My desire to help my family was more than my husband could handle so he filed for divorce.
The children struggled so badly with the divorce that we decided to "duplex" the house so that they could adjust with access to us both and I could continue to work in Texas as well as remotely and traveling for Dad.
Living in a home with the ex spouse is ridiculously bad enough but his drinking made it nearly unbearable.
Dad continued to decline and by May of 2008, he required two people to assist him with all daily activity. The children and I moved in with Mom & Dad so we could keep Dad in the home that he and Mom built together until his passing.
Watching the "superman" he was become so helpless physically was heartbreaking for everyone. Literally spending months watching him struggle for life was so sad.
Beginning in August 2008, my ex husband started legal battles to force us to return to Texas dispite my father's condition. So we were dealing remotely with attorneys from Dad's hospital room while trying to run the business without the "magic" which was Dad.
We lost Dad December 4, 2008. It was truly, and continues to be, the most difficult experience I can imagine.
We decided to close the business and return to Texas to stop the legal battles and build a future where I could provide income for Mom and potentially a home she could move to if she needed to.
My children had spent over a year and a half in limbo and emotionally trauma. They had been through so much although willingly to help Grandpa.
I wanted this to be the last move, a positive move and it to be "theirs". They needed a home and a permanent one.
With the last two years of employment being half time in Texas and mostly volunteer in Nebraska, getting me approved for a home loan would take a miracle. Given that I was a homemaker for years prior to the divorce and that the economy was crumbling due to bad home loans, I thought it would be impossible.
My realtor, Betty Magee, told me to go to Brad and he would find a way to get it done.
I couldn't believe it, and the road was very challenging, but Brad found a way to get me approved for the home and my children are happier and healthier now than they have been in 7 years.
We have our home and we have started a new life. One that is positive and healthy and my children will become the strong adults that we will need in the future.
I can't say enough that the worst two years of my life came to an end when Brad got us into our home.

Thank you.

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In 2002, Brad Lynch began energetically consulting families in finding the right mortgage plan for their needs. In the beginning years, he was trained by a mentor who led by example, and this example was the epitome of integrity. Brad learned in the beginning by his mentor that many prospects may not consciously see what good intentions he has for them, do to the “wrap” many have caused w/in this industry, but always do what is right for the customer and in the end it will payoff. Integrity coupled with an energetic nature to nurture relationships, Brad has created clients for life. Through these clients for life, referrals have become the lifeblood of his business.