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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Renting a Home vs. Buying a Home...things that make you go, HUH

Here’s a quick note to let you know how I can help you or anyone you feel comfortable introducing me to, in making the decision whether they should stop renting and buy now, or stay where they are at.

If you are like me, you know at least one or two people who are renting an apartment and you have probably wondered, "why do they not own, I know they both or he/she has a decent job." Sometimes there are legitimate reasons for renting, and sometimes people can buy and either don't know they can, or just have put it off for so long, they need a friend or family member to help them bring it back to their consciousness...but most of the time when people find out that in today’s economy they can buy a home for 30 percent less than they could a year or two ago – they get excited!

The next time you’re in a conversation with a friend, family member or neighbor and they mention that they’d love to take advantage of this buyers’ market and buy a home that’s selling for 30 percent less than it may have been selling for a year or two ago, would you stop, take out your cell phone, look up my number (469-450-2723) and call me immediately? I’ll send you our free report, How to Stop Spending Money on Rent and Own a Home Instead, because it will give them all the answers they need now to make a smart decision about what to do next.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Leave the Middle for Your Mortgage Planner and the End for you, Mr. Bottom Line Thinker

This message is for those bottom line type buying a home or refinancing for the 2ND, 3rd, 4Th, and 5Th time. You only know enough to endanger the possibility of having correct expectations. In mortgage, it's not the loan consultants job to meet your expectations, but it is his job to set your expectations and then try to exceed them. It doesn't matter how many loans you have been involved in, you have no business setting your own expectations except of course for what you pay and the obvious...the middle is best set by your mortgage planner.
Many of those ultra macho, "I'm a spunky business thinker" type when it comes to knowing about getting a loan, think they are the "Bo knows" of mortgage because they have a history of closing loans. Quote me if you like, in the mortgage industry right now, June 2009, there are NO EASY loans...only a little exaggeration there, but "Mr thinker" reading this should not think that he knows mortgage and because he makes a million dollars a year and is only buying a $200k home, he is the exception, and "this should be easy". STOP it. Just for a minute TAKE ADVICE and turn your "I'm getting sold radar" off and not just hear, but listen and realize that you might not know it all.
For the bottom line thinkers, John Maxwell says, you have the "ability to focus on results and maximize return to reap the full potential of your thinking". Mr bottom line thinker, relieve yourself from thinking you might have a clue in how the transaction process might go for your transaction so you can not just hear but listen to your mortgage planner tell you what the transaction process is going to look like, so your expectations are 100% advised expectations and not 50/50 expectations...50 being your own and 50 being your advised. Remember, you aren't a transaction or process thinker when you are outside your strong suit. You are a bottom line thinker and if you want to be happy at the end of the transaction where your bottom line gratification happens, then let the middle be led by your advisor.

Mortgage Planner Small Print Disclosure: Notice there are no explanations of why you should be sure and set your goal to have 100% advised expectations right now rather than 50/50. If the mortgage planner your talking to exudes a character that you can't trust for that 100% and let go of your 50%, then it's time to switch. If I tried to explain why the transaction process in mortgage is shifty and why, I wouldn't know to whether to start at number 1 reason, or number 50 and if I started anywhere in between, it would not end up being a good example for one of the reasons your loan has turbulence within the middle of your transaction.
Love, Listen, and Learn from your Mortgage Planner for Life and if you can't do all three, maybe it's time to change.

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In 2002, Brad Lynch began energetically consulting families in finding the right mortgage plan for their needs. In the beginning years, he was trained by a mentor who led by example, and this example was the epitome of integrity. Brad learned in the beginning by his mentor that many prospects may not consciously see what good intentions he has for them, do to the “wrap” many have caused w/in this industry, but always do what is right for the customer and in the end it will payoff. Integrity coupled with an energetic nature to nurture relationships, Brad has created clients for life. Through these clients for life, referrals have become the lifeblood of his business.