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Friday, December 04, 2009

RESPA Reform Changes...New GFE and HUD-1

Are you ready for the changes that the Federal Government have for us in the mortgage industry under RESPA reform effective January 1, 2010? The new version of the Good Faith Estimate or GFE as we speak in the mortgage business (Martian Language), and the HUD-1 HUD 1 settlement statement or 2010 is what I'm speaking more specifically about.
If you are in or have originated your loan before January 1st, you can continue to close the loan after January 1st under the old GFE/Good Faith Estimate, but the title company will close it on the new HUD-1.
What if you are using two loans to buy or refinance your a piggy back and a first for example? You will issue a GFE for both loans and the title company will have two HUD-1's as well. No biggy there.
The Loan Officer AND the borrower will likely benefit from this if used properly. The design of the change is to empower the borrower a little more by "force", to be more accountable in their process of shopping, and in the same, hold the Lender/Loan Officer accountable for their GFE quote in the beginning. In my opinion, the change is a positive for the lender, but that is because I have never bait and switched or mislead intentionally. In the past, I have had a hard time getting through to borrowers that were a little suspect in the entire shopping process as a whole because of the reputation that comes with mortgage. Therefore, my explanation of how to shop, when they were doing it all wrong, was in one ear and out the other. NOW, the honest loan officers in the industry can relax and let the system force the borrower to shop properly.

The lenders and loan officers that have built their business on smoke and mirrors sales tactics with the GFE's and survived on selling rather than consulting will feel haunted now. Here is why. The GFE, the official one governed by RESPA, is not allowed to be issued unless there is a property...this is good because the uneducated shopper (speaking of buyers and not refinance prospects here) would many times spin their wheels shopping lenders before they ever found a home and then months later when they found the home, they would use which ever company they found the months before. That makes no sense, because a lot can change in a week, must less a month or more down the road. Now, when there is a property and a borrower asks for a Good Faith Estimate, that lender is held accountable at closing by the "system" in the new law. The final documents at closing will put the numbers from the GFE side by side with the final numbers on the HUD-1. If these numbers do not match up, or stay within variance by law, the lender is held accountable for the difference. You see where the dishonest loan officer here will not like the new style? I like it, and many of the loan officers in this industry I am friends with like it because now we don't have to worry about "frisbying" out our GFE wondering if some dishonest sales type is our competition where we'll lose a prospect to a lesser deal and lesser loan officer.
Lets get clear on something. There are circumstances in a transaction process that would require rates or fees to change midway through, and the new laws have made room for those and defined the circumstances that will allow a lender to change the settlement variables from the original GFE. Just make sure that you the borrower, or you the loan officer have your client sign the "Change of Circumstance Affidavit" at least 3 days before you want to close the loan...that is part of the new law. If the APR or fees change from the originally disclosed Truth In Lending or Good Faith Estimate (no called the 2010), you will need to redisclose and sign the GFE and Truth In Lending 3 days before close.

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