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Monday, August 18, 2008

The Best Realtor or Lender for Your Real-Estate Transaction

Lets just start it off like this. "Practice makes perfect" is a phrase that doesn't really tell all. Practice makes permanent too. That being said, if someone practices being lazy for 25 years in real-estate, they'll be a perfect practiced lazy realtor or lender. I could stop here and my point should come across to most readers, but I'm going to elaborate a little so that my blogs aren't just following the real-estraight and narrow, using only numbers with percentage signs behind them, or rolling out a bunch of mortgage terms that some people have only heard but managed to make it through w/out understanding. Moving on, if someone wants to be an expert in their field, they have to continue to educate and UPDATE themselves in the real-estate world. The RE (real-estate) world is like fluid, and is ever changing. The different seasons bring different tides of buyers. It's forever changing, and many times unpredictable. In business practices where lives are at stake, there is a mandated "continued education" procedure to keep professionals like Medical Doctors sharp, and it's a reliable and useful education with useful applications. In real-estate, the continued education is at best, weak. So to keep sharp in this industry, it is important that a professional seeks his own continued education. During a many past transactions, I have encountered Realtors and lenders both that felt it necessary to tell me "I've been in the business for 'umpteen years' sir". Then, they start unleashing every sign that shows they are not in this business for ambitious or accomplishment reasons, but solely because they have to earn to pay a bill each month...many times with vulgarities about their own client. One "practice" I run into quite often is, when times get a little tough and a transaction doesn't just roll straight and smooth, many Realtors or lenders get scared, throw up their hands and start pointing fingers at each other like children in a classroom. Again, that many times follows in the form of talking in vulgarities about their "seller" or "picky client" or what ever. A successful person knows in this industry to "expect the unexpected" and when turbulence shows it's face, they are like a spider on it's web waiting for that victim to strum it's web...AND THEY POUNCE IN and change the face of the unexpected to the face of expected. You see, unexpected scares buyers and sellers like dark scares children...they aren't familiar with it and can only react with fight or flight. Yes, there are literally hundreds of variables that can become unexpected and turbulent in a RE transaction, but they are just pieces of turbulence and it is rare that turbulence brings down the plane. That being said, a RE pro should just "come over the speaker system and announce to their client that they are only encountering a little turbulence, everyone should stay seated, and they'll direct them out of this turbulence as quickly and smoothly as possible". At that point, they need only talk with their "copilot, control tower, stewardesses, and headquarters" to recognize that turbulence has occurred and discuss the best course of action to take that best gets their clients/passengers to their designation in the way that also best meets their interests. It is just too often that I have worked with Realtors or lenders that have been in this business for 10-25 years, and the minute that times got tough, they responded with anger and frustration in hopes that their tension would force enough pressure on others in the transaction to resolve the issue for them, and then they turned their back and started the finger pointing. If it's not a popular belief, I'm going to say it a thousand times so it is, frustration and anger is birthed from lack of understanding and education. If such RE pros have been applying anger, frustration, and scare tactics (which are like a dog that barks and has no bite) into the turbulent "opportunities to learn" for 10-25 years, rather than taking that turbulence and researching for themselves the best route to reach the desired destination, THEY HAVEN'T BEEN PRACTICING PERFECTION, they have been practicing poorly for 10-25 years.
Best of luck in your next purchase.

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